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About Us

Skinny Minnies Supplements is here to help you stay healthy, fit and active, Healthy eating and having an active lifestyle both contribute to over all wellbeing, Our products combined will help you!

Our Tasty Meal time Replacements are great for those of you who are on the go, rushing in the morning, gym bunnies, have no time to stop for your lunch working in a busy environment, Simply get your meal time sachet out of your bag and there for when ever you need it.

Slim Down is the perfect supplement for when you are cutting down calories

Our BOOST & BURN is designed to raising rates of metabolism and provide explosive energy levels to power you through those all-important gym sessions and give you that extra energy you need to keep you going.

Cant drink Green Tea we have Green T tablets that you can just pop in your mouth and away to go which will provide a healthy metabolism, as well as being a Powerful Natural Antioxidant and Contribute to Overall Wellbeing.

CLA1000 will help reduce body fat and support a healthy immune system, Reduces the Amount of Fat you Store and Maintains Lean Muscle Mass.

MULTI VITAMINS are a must have supplement for over all wellbeing.

Vitamin C - Forms Collagen, an Important Protein for Maintaining Healthy Skin.

Fem Fuel will to push you and your workout past & beyond previous limits.

Fem Amino is a yummie tasting drink anytime you want a refreshing boost of energy and alertness.



Please note we no longer place our products in shops.

Skinny Minnies Supplements can ONLY be purchased online.