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Success Stories

I found Skinny Minnie's by accident and when I saw how well it worked for others .. I ordered the trial.. Since then I've been hooked on them. They're so easy and adaptable to any lifestyle. I lost 5 stone by using the milkshakes as well as boost burners before I went running or to the gym. I have 2 shakes a day and cut out all carbs and sweets and fizzy drinks and started drinking plenty water. Now it's just a routine my body's adapted to and I'm so happy with the results I recommend it to everyone who's wanting to lose it. Thank you Skinnie Minnie's xx

Kayleigh Taylor - using for 15 weeks lost 30lb after having a baby she uses the meal replacements and slim down.

Happy Customers

Caren aged 35 says;
“I am now the same weight as when I was 18yrs, and I feel fabulous”



Lost 5 and half stone in 12 months

Lost 3 stone 12lb in 10 months

Nadine Pritchard says;
"I feel so much more confident now and nearly lost my target weight I never thought I could but now size 10-12.

I feel great"



I feel amazing never been so comfortable with myself before! so happy! I have slim down, green tea with my fruit on a morning! healthy lunch and a skin down, fruit & veg for snacks! healthy meal for tea, i have a choc mint shake when ever i fancy a chocolate! And use burn and boost the days I train.